Take time to let your body rest and re-energise.
Our massages immerse you in a holistic sense of well-being.

A complete overview of our spa treatments can be found on our website under Health & Wellness.
Mind Relaxing Aroma
A relaxing massage, designed to calm the body and mind. The scent of specially selected organic aromatherapy oils combines with the gentle massage technique to optimum effect.
starting from CHF 140.00
A whole-body treatment in traditional Thai style. Pressure is applied along the body's meridians to release blockages and tension, allowing life energy to flow freely through the energy channels again.
CHF 195.00
Pause & Reset (Aromatherapie)
Enjoy a transformative complete body and facial treatment. It is designed to help support you with the side effects of hormonal change and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Duration: 80mins.
CHF 295.00
Ultimate Aromatherapie Experience
Enjoy a powerful combination of massage and aromatherapie working from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, dissolving stress and releasing tension in every part of your body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged. Duration: 80 mins.
CHF 295.00
Lymphatic Drainage
This gentle, slow massage technique stimulates the lymphatic system, aids the detoxification of the body and counters water retention. For the best possible results, we recommend that this treatment is combined with the Air Relax compression device. Duration: 50 minutes
CHF 195.00
Cellcosmet Swiss Backrelax
Bodyexfoliator, relaxing and stress relieving massage of the back followed by a warming algae-magnesium pack for relaxation. DURATION: 60 MINUTES
CHF 210.00
Deep Tissue Massage
A massage with strong grip, that goes deep into the muscles. In case of particularly strong tensions or if desired, our therapiests also work with their elbow. Duration: 45 minutes
CHF 195.00