Medical Treatments
Medical massage
Whether to relieve pain, reduce tension in the muscles, increase circulation or promote resorption, our experienced medical masseurs tailor the treatment specifically to you and help to activate the body’s self-healing powers, release energetic imbalances and bring body, mind and soul into balance. You are in the best hands with our team.
starting from CHF 65.00
Foot reflexology
Activate your self-healing power by triggering reflexes.
starting from CHF 65.00
Lymphatic drainage
Specific stroking movements are used to assist the body in flushing out tissue fluid which may have accumulated as the result of sprains, swellings or migraine. The drainage strengthens the immune system, alleviates pain and has a relaxing effect.
starting from CHF 65.00
Migraine therapy
This treatment alleviates headaches or migraine in acute or chronic stages.
CHF 120.00
10 pack - Massages per 25min
10 pack - Massages per 25 minutes
CHF 620.00
Floating 30min
Floating in water is a gentle and calming deep relaxation therapy method, where the guest is carried through the thermal water. Blockages and tension are released through gentle stretching, rotation and movement of the joints.
CHF 150.00
Movement analysis premium
Movement analysis consists of functional test exercices. Our trainers observe these basic movements and evaluate them for strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to create an individualised at-home training programme.
CHF 230.00
Functional training 50min
Your entire body will be engaged through natural movements, thereby improving flexibility and increasing strength and stability.
CHF 150.00
Pilates 50min
A gentle training method to improve posture and harmony of movement. It is ideal for relieving stress and increasing stability in the spine.
CHF 150.00
Yoga 50min
An ancient Indian practice that simutaneously engages, trains and challenges both the body and the mind.
CHF 150.00
Body PerForming 50min
A versatile workout for the whole body. This programme activates all muscle groups and firms tissue.
CHF 150.00
Alter G - training 50min
The AlterG® anti-gravity treadmill can reduce body weight by up to 80%. This not only ensures that therapy is safe, but also helps patients to regain a natural gait.
CHF 180.00
10 Alter G - Training
10 autonomous trainings with the AlterG® treadmill.
CHF 250.00
Kinesis training 50min
During Technogym Kinesis training, large flowing movements are carried out with the help of resistance from pulleys in order to increase flexibility, strength and stability.
CHF 150.00